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Double taxation relief of 80g registration

(1) The Central Government might enter into a concurrence with the Government of any nation outside India or specified region outside India,(a)  for the allowing of easing in admiration of—

 (i)  wage on which have bee...

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Restrictions on transfer of immovable property in 80g

Transfer of Property Act 80g registration or in any other law for the time being in force, effected except after an agreement for transfer is entered into between the person who intends transferring the immovable property (hereinafter referred to as the transferor) and the person to whom it is proposed to be transferred (herei...

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Capital gain

Profit and Gain arising from the transfer of a capital effected in the previous year save as otherwise provided in sections 80g chargeable to income-tax under the head “Capital gains” and the income of the previous year which transfer took place. Not with standing anything contained in 80g registration:-

(1) ...

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Expenditure on eligible projects or schemes

Expenditure by way of payment of any or institution approved by the National Committee for carrying out any eligible project or scheme. The provisions of 80g allowed deduction of the amount of such expenditure incurred during the previous year. Provided that a company may for clamming the deduction under the tax exemption insu...

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Reserves for shipping business in 12a

12a Company formed and registered in India with the main object of carrying on the business of operation of ships. The provisions of this section should be allowed for deduction of an amount not exceeding fifty percent of profits derived from the business of operation of ships (computed under the head "Profits of business or profession...

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Intimation of assessment of form 12a registration

Apply in intimation of assessment of form 12a registration relevant case the final decision on the question of law in the case shall not raise such question of law in the relevant case in appeal any appellate authority or in appeal before the high court under section  ...

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Tax interest penalty tax exemption under 80g

 The tax interest penalty tax exemption under 80g deduction from the income by way of royalty attributable to the peril, which patent had been revoked or the period for which the assessed was excluded as patentee in respect of that patent shall deemed to...

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